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Cool cargo on track

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Introducing cool cargo on track

Introducing cool cargo on track

For many years, we have been developing solutions to make railway more suitable to transport temperature-controlled cargo.

We are revolutionizing rail freight transport to enable temperature-sensitive goods to travel fresh and at the right quality, from A-to-B.

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Why Power Wagon?

  • Temperature controlled service

    We deliver an unbroken “Cold Chain”. Uninterrupted power supply throughout the journey.

  • Cost efficient & effective

    Cost competitive alternative to enable transportation by rail. Limited energy costs.

  • Adding choices in inlands modalities

    Expanding inland modalities for larger shipments and higher container payloads.

  • Environment friendly

    Transporting fresh products by rail reduces approximately 6 x CO2 and 15 x less N2 emissions versus road.

  • No investments required

    No on/off hires / investments or availability issues of gensets.

  • Ample capacity & easily scalable

    Consistent solution for heavy cargo flows. Enabling higher payloads per container.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The power wagon operates similarly to the dynamo on a bicycle. As the wheels rotate, energy is generated by a hydraulic mechanism, which is then directed to the battery. From there, the reefer or cool trailer is supplied with energy, making it a self-sustaining solution suitable for any type of train.

Plug-and-play solution

Plug-and-play solution

We set-up a simple plug-and-play solution. With just the press of a button and a simple cable connection, the powerbox brings the reefer wagon to life. No technical expertise is needed. This seamless integration ensures efficiency and reliability, making it effortless to keep goods at the perfect temperature.

Two types of power wagons

  • Power wagon

    We have a battery back-up, so the cold chain is never to be broken

  • Plug-in power wagon

    We have a multi-system plug-in version, so the cold chain is never to be broken

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