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RailReLease is an independent European railfleet management company specialised in renting out railway freight wagons. Our constant focus on high-quality and ultimate flexible solutions have enabled us to consistenly grow from a niche to a larger market player.

RailReLease is headquarted in Rotterdam, near the harbour of Rotterdam and is part of the Rail Innovators Holding, with other offices in Prague.

RailReLease’ core activities can be divided into short/long term rental and full service solutions. Our fleet consists of 1000 wagons of various types. Types range from Flat wagons for transportation of all sizes containers to Bulk wagons (grain/Soya) to BreakBulk wagons for the transportation of metalscrap/aluminium/paper/trees. For the majority of our wagons, RailReLease is the so called Keeper and Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), meaning we guarantee the safe operating state of our fleet. 


RailReLease receives ECM certification

After being certified in 2018 as ECM, RailReLease has received a full ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certification for 5 more years.