Expanding our fleet with new 3 wagon types

Expanding our fleet with new 3 wagon types

Our new Faccnpps 48m3 is a true gamechanger in the market for transportation of construction materials. The wagon has special features being 10% shorter than the average 49m3 wagon in the current market and with an increased payload up to 70t, on a 600 meter train, a payload increase of more than 10% can be realized.   

With our new Tagnpss 95m3 wagons, we have a light-build grain hopper which is very compact in terms of length, all to optimize train utilization and enable it to carry more payload and gain efficiency.   

The latest addition to our intermodal wagon fleet, is the smallest until now. But don’t underestimate its capabilities. It’s designed as short and light as possible. With this wagon you can nearly carry 74t payload and is the right choice to transport heavy duty freight.

We're committed to contribute to safe and efficient journeys for all our customers, therefore our whole fleet is equipped with stronger 25t wheelsets to ensure safety at all times.

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